Monday, May 28, 2012

Smartphone gadget: Stand

Wasn't that the cutest!
For my old flip-style phone, I didn’t really need anything to hold the phone at any particular angle because other than making phone calls, there wasn’t much more it could be used for. I did have a phone-sized chair—a freebie from a vendor—that was supposed to be used on a desk to keep the phone handy. I used it as a handy place to keep the phone while it was being charged, but I had to place the phone upside down since the plug was at the bottom.

When I got my smartphone, I ordered a case, screen protector, retractable USB cable, and a USB cigarette-lighter-style charger. I also added a stand to my order. Since I no longer have a Prime membership with Amazon, I was mostly trying to get my order up to $25 so that I could get free shipping. Yep, you know it, always striving for free.

But I wasn’t buying something that I didn’t think I needed because that would defeat the purpose of being frugal. Since this was my first smartphone, I really didn’t know how I would prefer to view items on the phone, so I had to take a guess.

I think I thought that I would be sitting at my desk with my smartphone displaying something that would need to be angled for better viewing. I have done that a couple of times, and I have had it next to me at the breakfast table a couple of times, but really I don’t do that very often.

But if you are going to be sitting somewhere and your smartphone will be on a flat surface—not in your hands or your lap like I seem to use it most often—you will probably want some sort of stand so that the screen is angled properly. Another possibility is on your nightstand when using as an alarm clock.

iCarpus stand flat for travel
The stand that I picked out seemed to be the most versatile and take up the least amount of room when not being used. It’s made by iCarpus, it costs $12.99, and it does do what it’s supposed to do.

Opening the stand for use
There is a little trick to opening it with one hand so that you have the other hand free to hold the phone (see photo). Basically you use your thumb to push through the opening, and based on where your buttons are can depend on which way you will want to clamp it to your phone.

iCarpus stand horizontal
The stand has two—let’s call them—legs on one side and one leg on the other. My phone volume buttons are on the upper left edge, so I have found that placing the single leg on that side keeps that from interfering with those buttons.

iCarpus stand vertical
My phone has a larger screen at 4.5” so the stand will not open up large enough to clamp it on the longer direction, but if you will notice in the photos, the phone will stand up vertically and horizontally with the stand clamped in only one direction. This is actually more convenient because you don’t have to turn it around simply because you have turned the phone for viewing purposes.

I have had the stand for a couple of months, but I haven’t used it a lot, so I can’t speak to the durability yet, but it does seem to be made well. It is also very transportable since it is flat until clamped onto the phone. I also have not ever felt like the phone may fall over. This could be a problem with some of the stands that don’t actually clamp to the phone.

Question: Do you have a smartphone stand that you recommend?
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  1. Gadgets, gadgets everywhere - just still wishing I had invented the paper clip and got the money for it years ago.... Good info here on practical stuff. Keep em coming gal.

    Have a blessed day!


    1. So funny, DE, and the paperclip will probably outlive all of these gadgets. Glad you are continuing to enjoy my reviews--thanks for reading. You have a blessed day, too!