Sunday, May 22, 2016

Don't Forget the App: White Noise Free

White Noise Free App
White Noise Free App
I haven't reviewed any apps in a while, but I recently downloaded one that I thought was worth telling you about. I prefer a quiet environment for sleeping, and I would have never thought an app could help me with that.

A couple of years ago, my neighbor installed a water feature, and it didn't take too long for frogs to move in. I'm told they are actually tree frogs. You know, those teeny, tiny frogs that are super cute.They keep themselves well hidden during the day; but at night, I become quite aware of their existence, and they don't sound cute. Early in the season, it's not too bad, but when they start calling for mates, it can be almost deafening. How can something so small make so much noise?

It was bothering me so much recently, that I was lying in bed, searching Amazon for white noise machines. I know that these machines can help because we have one at work. One reviewer mentioned previously using a phone app for this purpose. I had never thought about that. I immediately switched over to the app store, found the app "White Noise Free" and downloaded it. The developer is TMSOFT and it's also available for Android and iOS.

White Noise App Menu
White Noise App Menu
This app is so intuitive and has so many features that it is hard to believe it is free. It is so easy to scroll thru the different sound options and listen to them to decide what you like.

White Noise App Flowing Stream
A flowing stream is one of my favorite sounds.
In addition to viewing the sound choices one at a time and swiping to cycle thru, you can also view as a list where you can press the heart to select your favorites and even change the order of the list. I had to laugh, though, they even have a sound of frogs chirping. I think their frogs sound a bit better than the ones I have, but I promise you, there will never be a day that I will want to select frogs to put me to sleep.

White Noise App Catalog
White Noise App Catalog
In addition to the standard white noise, brown noise, ocean, and rain-—there are 40 sounds in total—the app comes with five mixed sounds like rain and thunder, plus you can mix your own. And if you can't find something you like in that impressive selection, they also have additional sounds for download.

Mix of two sounds.
You can also set how long you want the sounds to play and even set it to fade before turning off versus cutting off abruptly. There is also a timer/alarm setting that you can customize to such an extent that it could be a separate app.

So many features for this little app!
The features that come with this app are just right and the UI (user interface) is exceptional. I highly recommend you give it a try. The only thing I don't like about the free version of the app is that it will not run in the background to allow you to use other apps at the same time. You know how you can play music on your phone, but still look at your email, play a game or surf the internet? But for $1.99, you can buy the ad-free version that will allow "background audio support," and I am guessing that this will take care of that.

So I still may need to consider a white noise machine, but in a pinch, this is working for me and certainly is a great app to have available when traveling.

Is there a white noise machine you recommend?

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